A Life Coach for personal development and growth operates in a very similar way to a sports coach. Just as a sports coach will help a good athlete or sportsperson to achieve their ultimate potential, so does a life coach works with each client to help them achieve their individual best performance & step into their power.
Top athletes know that they need someone who will help them set goals, believe in them, motivate them, challenge them, give them feedback, help them to try out new things, suggest exercises to improve their performance and hold them accountable.
A Life Coach does exactly the same things, but with your chosen aspects of your personal life, rather than your sports performance.
Life Coaching for personal development and growth can help you achieve your goals and can help you manifest your dreams and help you find greater fulfillment.
Making life decisions and making changes can feel really scary and a coach will provide the encouragement and the motivation you need to help you keep going. Whether it is achieving a work-life balance, improving your relationships, or finding a meaningful role in life, a coach will support you to move forward and take those first steps which will change your life.
Below are examples of the kinds of issues which I can work with you on:
* Helping you Recognize your strengths and gifts
* Identifying  and managing your self-limiting beliefs
* Improving  your self-confidence and self esteem
* Changing your negative habits to positive ones
* Setting up a system to get organized and work more efficiently
* Improving your work-life balance
* Managing your time
* Reducing your level of stress
* Finding more time and energy for the things that make you happy
* Finding out what gives meaning and purpose to your life
* Creating  a sense of personal freedom and choice
* Helping you find a clear sense of values and direction
* Rediscovering and developing your creativity
* Having more fun and getting enjoyment in your life
* Improving your personal relationships
* And much much more

If you decide you would like me to work with you as your life coach, then we will discuss exactly how you want to benefit from the coaching and design that into the relationship. My coaching service is tailor-made to your requirements  to help you achieve success.
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